Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Beginning of All Things Possible

Last year was a real doozy. It hit me with a right hook, a left hook and a lightning fast uppercut. After four rounds I was done. Luckily the fifth round was a game changer.

At the beginning of 2015 I moved my entire family including two kiddos under five, my elderly grandmother and my wonderful hubby 700 miles from home on less than ten grand with no solid place to live, crappy credit history, a truck that was on its last leg and no earthly idea what I was doing. Why? Because I had just graduated from college and I knew where we were was no good for us.

We made arrangements to move into a duplex, got my husband a "temporary" job and got him accepted to the Culinary Institute of America. The manager of the duplex stole our deposit, my husband's temporary job lasted all of three months and our truck broke down less than a month after moving.

Welcome to San Antonio!

We rode out the rest of the year. He found a better job, I worked for a few months, left the job after his new job's hours rendered me unable to work any longer, and we got a different vehicle. Lumbering, broken and confused, into 2016 we are now rebuilding our lives in our new home.

This year is one full of promise and hope. This year is the year we will make our lives our own.

I am starting by developing an online presence like one I have never had before. Welcome to my blog!